Charles Dewar, Macular Degeneration (ARMD)

In 2008 I had cataracts removed from both eyes and I was told I had age related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). I am now, in 2012 81 years old.

This is an affliction that affects the central vision of your eyes. My ARMD, I was told, was dry and much less severe than wet ARMD.

My sight would deteriorate but I would retain peripheral vision. If you loose central vision you cannot focus on a particular central area because you have a large dark area, nearly black, right in the middle of your sight! You can only get an idea of what is around the point you look at. Try it! Look at a particular object and see how much detail you can see of the surrounding area with your peripheral vision!

In the case of wet ARMD liquid forms in a pocket under the area of your retina from where you get your central vision. This liquid pocket distorts your retina and consequently destroys your sight.

For my ARMD I was being treated by a leading Ophthalmologist who many consider the best Dr. in the field! It wasn’t long before my right eye became wet ARMD and I had to have injections into the ball of my right eye, unpleasant I can assure you!

I lost 70% of my sight which has a devastating effect on the quality of life. Hardly surprisingly I got rather depressed and was advised to take anti depressant pills.

Around about this time I heard about the Scenar therapy and VERY importantly it gave me HOPE! Many thanks to Kim and support from Gill, I had eight treatments initially and there after I purchased and treated myself with my own small hand held RitmScenar Home Device.

Shortly after starting Scaner treatment I went for my regular appointment with the Ophthalmologist and was asked “what have you been doing to your eyes Mr. Dewar?” I told the Dr. about the Scenar device who seemed a bit nonplussed. But to my delight I didn’t need an injection!

My next appointment with the Dr. was 3 months later and this time the Dr’s comments were “Mr. Dewar I am shocked and delighted ---- I have never seen anything like this, the wetness has dried up!

Referring to the photographs taken of my left and right retina’s which was done by dilating the pupils; you will see how my right eye distorted and then recovered to a point where there is only a small scar tissue where the liquid pocket used to be.

For me this is miraculous, no one else could offer me any hope of recovery – but SCENAR THERAPY DID IT. I am ecstatic and will continue Scenar treatment and continue recovery until I can see well again!

Right Retina 9-5-2008
This is the first one when I needed an injection into my eye.

Right Retina 7-5-2010

Worst case where a liquid pocket has formed right under the central vision area and caused a lot of distortion.

Right Retina 28-1-2011

This is the most recent  and shows only scar  tissue but no liquid pocket. This disappearance of the liquid pocket is a near miracle.
Any ophthalmologist will concur that it is virtually an unheard of occurrence. Any one doubting the efficacy of Scenar Therapy should have all their doubts dispelled with this proof!

Left Retina  5-9-2008

My left eye is better than my Right eye in terms of shape.

Left Retina 26-1-2011

My left eye is still good.


Raynard Tissink, Ironman

I've been competing in Ironman triathlons for 11 years. It's a sport that puts a lot of stress on the body, and recovery is a crucial part of the preparation. I've never been fond of massages because of the way it makes me feel afterwards, normally lethargic and tender the following day. But with the Scenar treatments I could get all the benefits of a massage to help with recovery and muscle fatigue, but without the negative side effects.

After just 2 weeks of treatments, I managed to take 12 minutes off my previous course record set in 2005, as well as improve on my personal best time by 2 minutes. With results like that, I would certainly like to keep Scenar treatments as part of my Ironman preparation.

Thank You to the SCENAR SA TEAM – especially Cherene Collins and Lorinda Moore from Elan Health and Wellness


Jane, 38, Cyclist & Keen Sportswoman

I was riding in a cycle race in a pack when I braked severely to prevent myself going into the cyclist in front of me. I came off the bike and hit the tar hard on my left buttock and on my shoulder. My mobility was limited and I sustained bruising and grazes on my buttock and shoulder.The Scenar device was used twice daily for approximately 10 minutes at a time. The Scenar technician used light brush strokes directly across the injury site. I was amazed at how quickly my bruising diminished and at the immediate relief I felt from the pain. After a week I was fully mobile with no bruising or scarring, and I was able to go on and cycle the Argus that weekend!

Improvement in just one week:

Day 1 after injury

Day 4 after injury

Day 7 after injury