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Scenar works by stimulating the nervous system with constantly varying signals "electrical impulses" that operate in the same way as our natural nerve fibers react when coping with the stress of pain or illness. Scenar impulses provide a boost to the nervous system generating neuropeptides (the bodies internal pharmacy) to speed up the recovery process.

The Scenar employs a highly sophisticated computer software program that automatically Senses and Measures the electrical activity of the body (skin impedance) and then delivers a Measured Dose of complex electrical waveforms and frequencies directly to the skin in order to correct any imbalances. These pulses contain numerous random features to prevent the body from adapting to the stimulation.

These electrical impulses mimic the electrical discharges of the nervous system and instruct the brain and body to generate specific neuropeptides, the key chemicals used by the body to heal itself. Proper communication between the brain and the affected part is restored and rapid healing may then be possible. The Scenar evolves a new signal pattern for the disordered tissues, the machine literally entering into an information dialogue with the body. New frequencies and energy patterns are established, which in turn become fresh input signals, to be further modified, and so on. This output-equals new input is much the way that fractals are generated. On the premise that disease signals are generally fixed and unnatural, anything, which breaks up the existing order, has the capability of restoring the normal equilibrium.


The human skin and the inner organs have a tight connection through the nervous system. This connection already exists from the early stage of embryogenesis on, because both the Nervous system and the skin are created from the same origin of the young embryo, the ectoderm. The network of the nervous system in turn, connects to all the inner organs. As a result of these, the nervous system plays an important role in the regulation of the activities and state of the inner organs. For the reasons as mentioned above, it is possible to regulate the state of the inner organs through the skin. The Scenar device is used to affect the skin on those places, indicated by the body, that will lead to the specific regulation of the inner organs, for example to treat diseases.

It is necessary to point out that the regulation of the inner organs through the skin is only one important effect of the treatment process. There are more aspects, and one of them is humeral regulation (relating to body fluids). During its appliance on the skin, Scenar treatment affects the C-Fibers of the nervous system. As a result, the channels of the C-Fibers are easily opened and a vast amount of neuropeptides, like endorphins, are excreted from these fibers. These neuropeptides are spread all over the body at a rapid rate. This course of action accelerates and promotes healing because the neuropeptides are the natural medicine for all pathological processes in the human body.

Yet another important effect of scenar therapy is the successful training of the adaptive reactions. Adaptive reactions are unique, non-specific reactions of the body on any kind of stimuli that could affect health. When the adaptive reactions are well trained, the body can heal itself and prevent the development of a wide variety of diseases.

The Scenar device works on the principle of biofeedback. The system is measuring the activities of the various skin areas. With reference to this information, we are able to locate the most accurate place to treat and define the specific treatment parameters.


The original Scenar devices and treatment protocols have been designed and are produced and taught by license of the inventors: J. Grinberg, J. Gorfinkel, A. Karasjev and A. Revenko.





SCENAR-therapy as a technology was born in Taganrog nearly 20 years ago. Originally the device was aimed to be used in the "Space Research Programme", but project was stopped at "perestroika time. The employers medical doctors and engineers of TOO OKB "Rhythm" and TOO "Bio-correction" were at the origin of this direction.

In 1986 the first SCENAR device, having passed technical and clinical trails, was permitted by USSR Medical Council for application in the clinic-policlinic institutions and at homes.

For the control of the conducted therapy, findings of the optimal skin zones and individualization of the action regimes, for the expertise and prognosis can be used reflexogenic -diagnostic set "Rista-EPD" (acupuncture diagnostics Nakatani, Folly, auricle diagnostic), computerized polygraphy (ECG, EEG and others).

At the present time TOO OKB "Rhythm" produces series of the devices "SCENAR -035", "SCENAR 97", "SCENAR 97.4" and according to license 30-03/1007 from 27 December 1996, supplement No1, No2, TU 9444-010-05010925-97, TU9444-010-24225399-93 ) there are certificates of standard.

The device is protected with patent in Russia, USA and Japan for "the means for influence", for receiving biologically active impulses and for the device which realize them" (the patent owner TOO OKB "Rhythm").

The SCENAR device is capable of recognizing, preventing many health problems and restoring health.

"SCENAR" is a trademark (according to class - therapeutic device and apparatus, electro-stimulators), registered in the state list of trademarks in USSR from 23 October 1989.

TOO "BIOCORRECTION" and TOO OKB "RHYTHM" closely co-operates with different medical institutions (department of "Non-drug methods of treatment and clinical physiology" in the I.M. Sechenev MMA - cor. member of AMS, Doctor of the Medical Science V.G.Zilov; laboratory for "Bioenergy and Reflexotherapy" CITO - Doctor of the Medical Science U.F.Kamenev; laboratory for "Biophysics of Cancer" in the Rostov Oncologic Institution - Doctor of Medical Science L.H.Garkavi, E.B.Kvakina and other departments of the institution in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Odessa), also with the Committee of New medical technology Medical Factory Russian Federation ( the chairman - Doctor of the Medical Science, Prof. T.I.Nosikova).

Four international conferences and 10 inter-regional seminars were held (Odessa, Ekaterinburg, S-Peterburg, N-Novgorod, Rostov-na-Donu) on SCENAR therapy and SCENAR-expertise.

Together with the Committee for New Medical Technology and the department for "Non-drug Methods of Treatment" were issued 4 compilations of "SCENAR-therapy, SCENAR-expertise (the editors are: T.I.Nosikova, G.V.Zilov, L.M.Kudaeva), where questions of therapy and practice of SCENAR-therapy were reflected.

From 1992 in the different regions of Russia and abroad 117 school-seminars on SCENAR were conducted.

For these years more then two thousands users were trained. Among trainees -managers of medical institutions (Head of the hospitals and Policlinics, Chiefs of the departments, etc.), medical doctors, nurses (including resuscitation doctors, surgeons, oncologists, neurologists, physiotherapists, pediatricians), scientists (candidates or doctors of science).

Today the users of the SCENAR in Russia are medical doctors and medical personnel of more then 30 specialities, including neurology, therapeutics, surgery of different specialization, traumatology, gynaecology, obstetrics, oto-rhino-laryngology, odontology, sport medicine, physiotherapy, resuscitation and others. The device was designed to be used by housewives, engineers, office clerks, and other specialists without medical background, also on ferries, on liners, in aeroplanes, in cars, etc.



SCENAR® is an advanced form of electrotherapy and may be effective in treating acute and chronic pain. SCENAR® therapy functions on two physiological principles: that the body has its own healing capabilities and that it is continually employing processes of self-regulation to maintain health.

The SCENAR® is a hand-held, therapeutic medical device ( ARTG ID:140659, ARTG ID:164651), listed for use to alleviate pain and facilitate functional restoration and improvement.

Originally developed for the Russian space program, SCENAR® is a leader in electrotherapeutic real time biofeedback.
Clinical and anecdotal experience over the last 25 years of therapists worldwide suggests positive results in the treatment of pain and dysfunction.

Several characteristics of SCENAR ™ explain why this new non-invasive energy-informational medical technology, aimed at activation of human organism reserves and promotion of its adaptation capacities, has been looked at as the ideal electrotherapy by an increasing number of specialists all over the world.

1. Bipolar electro-impulses

With the development of electrotherapy and electropuncture as a modern form of the classical acupuncture of the East, it has become clear that for successful correction of the pathological changes in the human organism are necessary such electroactions, which are adequate to the natural bioelectric activity, i.e. an electrical current similar in its parameters to the endogen bioelectric regulatory signals.

SCENAR™ generates exactly such non-damaging in form and duration high-amplitude bipolar electro-impulses, which resemble the physiological bio-currents.

Due to the unique physical characteristics of the SCENAR™ signal, the probability for excitation of the thin peptidergic C-fibres is manifold higher in comparison with the other methods of electrotherapy. In this way, without disturbance of the cell functions, a maximal part of the nervous tissue is activated, which is necessary for the achievement of optimal adaptation response from the patient’s organism.

2. Bio-feedback

To achieve maximal therapeutic effectiveness it is necessary that the electroaction should change its parameters automatically in accordance with the reaction it has induced in the organism. Such a dynamic co-ordination of the parameters of the influence and the condition of the organism could be achieved only if there is a constant informational biological feedback.

SCENAR is the first electrotherapeutic device in the world working on the principle of a real interpreting biological feedback between the device and the body. Reading the permanent change of the skin impedance (resulting from the electroaction), SCENAR constantly modulates the form and the power of its signals.

In the course of the therapeutic process each signal of the device controls the body activity and at the same time is controlled by the constantly changing condition of the organism. As a result each signal is different from the previous one, which prevents the development of accommodation to the action before the organism has generated enough amounts of nevropeptides, necessary for overcoming the pathological process and restoration of homeostasis.

3. Individually dosed influence

The long practical experience has shown that optimal therapeutic effect can be achieved when there is a maximal variability of the acting signal during the therapeutic procedure. A change in the signal form (in connection with the changes of the skin impedance) can be observed only to a certain limit.
In SCENAR ™ technology (again for the fist time in the world), the method of individually dosed influence is realized using as a main criteria the lack of further dynamics of the complex impedance of the skin (i.e. the stabilization of the electro-physiological parameters of the skin and as a result of this and due to the presence of biological feedback stabilization of the parameters of the acting signal).

The individually measured regime practically excludes the possibility of over-dosing and the development of adverse side effects. The SCENAR ™ technology is based on the concept, that the minimal dose, necessary for achieving the desired effect, is the optimal. The emphasis is put on the informational rather than the energetic component of the electrotherapeutic action.

Apart from the unique characteristics of the acting signal and the presence of biological feedback, the considerably higher effectiveness of SCENAR ™ in comparison with the common methods of electrotherapy is due to the possibility of SCENAR ™ – expertise to be carried out during the therapeutic process itself, which permits the evaluation of the effectiveness of the procedure and its optimization effect.


The Scenar is a battery operated hand held medical device. The practitioner will place the deceive onto your skin and a comfortable tingling sensation will be felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions the sensations may be stronger.



The treatment will last for approximately one hour for most people. The frequency of your Scenar treatments will vary according to your condition taking into account the stage of the pathological process, age, state of health etc… For any fresh injury or other acute conditions the treatment needs to be more frequent and lasts about 30 minutes per session. For chronic conditions, treatments are less frequent and are monitored according to your improvement. In most cases you will require a minimum of 3 treatments (some acute conditions may resolve sooner.)

Our primary goal is to bring about change in your body during treatment and in some cases you may feel worse.  ALL changes, good or bad are a GOOD result. This is an indication that your body is responding.


In treating chronic conditions, occasionally a healing crisis may occur (experienced as a complete lack of energy and malaise) due to the body getting rid of toxic energy too rapidly. There are techniques that can be used with Scenar to manage this.



Exceptional results are achieved when treating sportsmen and women with immediate injuries and especially if treatment is done as soon as possible after the injury. It is preferable not to shower or bath for two hours before and after Scenar Therapy, as the optimal effectiveness of the treatment will be disturbed by washing the skin.

The Healing Blanket is used to enhance your Scenar treatment and may also be recommend for use between your Scenar sessions.


  • ENT - Skin Problems - Burns - Bites - Allergies

  • Neurological - Gastrointestinal Tract - Muscoloskeletal - Kidney Diseases

  • Respiratory - Immune System - Cardiovascular System

  • Sports Injuries - Fractures - Sprains - Ligaments - Bruising - Swelling

  • Stress - Depression - Lethargy    

  • Emotional Blockage

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